Mission: To support Deaf and Hard Of Hearing youth in their navigation of academic and social life in secondary and post-secondary institutions

Target: Deaf and Hard of Hearing youth aged 13 to 19 (including students enrolled in post-secondary institutions up to age 23)

Scope of Services for Youth

A. 1:1 Peer Mentorship Connect a youth with a suitable Young Adult Mentor based on interests and location. Through the mentorship:

  1. Mentors will share their personal experiences in their educational journey, what challenges they faced, and strategies they used.
  2. Options of Skype/Face-Time sessions are available if in-person contact is not possible

B. Networking Participate in mingling/social events (i.e. Games Night, Holiday Specials). Youth will have the opportunity to:

  1. Connect with their peers, interact with Young Adult Peer Mentors and other D&HOH adults
  2. Observe Young Adult Peer Mentors in modeling self-advocacy skills (i.e. captioning at movies; selective seating at restaurants)

C. Workshops In partnership with other agencies, we provide educational workshops applicable to youth. During workshops, youth will be informed of available resources in B.C.. An example can be seen in our partnership with Post-Secondary Communication Access in offering “Transition to Post-Secondary”.

D. Leadership Involvement With guidance from Young Adult Peer Mentors, youth will learn to:

  1. Develop self-advocacy skills essential for success
  2. Understand their hearing loss, their accessibility needs, and be able to explain it to others.