BC Buddies


First session will be on Sat, Nov 18th 2017

Location: Cliffhanger Vancouver (Indoor Rock Climbing), 670 Industrial Avenue, Vancouver BC

Click here to register.  Please print the forms below and bring them to the event:

Cliffhanger Waiver

Buddies Program Liability Waiver

Press Release Consent Form

Tentative dates for other sessions are: Feb 17th 2018 & Apr 28th 2018.  Locations TBD.

Check out our previous BC Buddies events in 2016: Feb, Apr, and Nov.


A concept inspired by Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech (“Clarke Buddies”), which is described as “a fun opportunity to meet, get to know, and connect on a regular basis with other kids who are deaf or hard of hearing!”


Participants will share advices and experiences about being deaf or hard of hearing, participate in team building activities, and build a sense of community. They have an option of being paired with an older mentor or a peer close to their own age. Older students that choose to be mentors will gain leadership and community service experience while being a role model to a younger student.

Who? Students with hearing loss ages 10-18 who are able to travel to Lower Mainland or Fraser Valley, B.C. for in-person gatherings.

What? BC Buddies gives students the opportunity to strengthen a connection with one other student. The event is led by experienced teachers of the deaf and deaf young adults. Meet-ups consist of organized activities and social time.


When? BC Buddies will have 3 sessions, beginning in Fall 2017 and runs through to Spring 2018. The first meeting is an opportunity for Buddies to meet each other. Parents are asked to attend the first gathering for an info session.



Why? The goal of the buddies program is to connect students who are deaf and hard of hearing and build a sense of community. By doing this, students can reduce feelings of isolation, create a sense of support and community among students with hearing loss, raise confidence, establish new friendships, share experiences, develop a sense of identity, develop leadership skills, and gain advice about situations relating to hearing loss.