PSP Publications

The following are printable publications created by the CHHA-BC Youth Peer Support Program that can be distributed free of charge.

A Guide to Accessibility in Secondary Schools for Deaf & Hard of Hearing Youth

A distributable handout for the deaf or hard of hearing student entering secondary school for the first time. Find out about experiences of other students with a hearing loss, and make your classroom more accessible with a provided checklist. PDF

How to Disclose Your Hearing Aid

A foldable brochure that explains the role of hearing aids in the classroom and how to make teachers and classmates aware of your hearing aid. It’s important to wear our hearing aids all the time to be involved in our learning, and feel comfortable doing so. PDF

Disclosure of Hearing Loss in the Workplace

A handout outlining rights that employees with hearing losses have in the workplace. Through the hiring process, you will need to decide whether to disclose your hearing loss depending on the situation. PDF

Hearing Aid Compatible Technology Pamphlet

A survey of the available technology options for students with hearing losses. Many phones and assistive listening devices can work with hearing aids to provide easy access to many multimedia and communications applications. PDF